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Travelling by car

Wasserburg lies at the intersection of the B 304 München-Traunstein-Salzburg and the B 15 Rosenheim-Landshut-Regensburg. From Munich the quickest way is via the A 94 to Forstinning then further to Ebersberg, and from there onto the B 304. From the lake Chiemsee, the best way is via Prien and Bad Endorf.

Travelling by train

Wasserburg lies at the junction of the Rosenheim-Mühldorf-Landshut and München-Grafing-Wasserburg railway lines. From Munich it is usually necessary to change trains at Grafing Bahnhof. Wasserburg station is about 5 km out of town but is served by a connecting bus into town.

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Tourist Information

Marienplatz 2 (Town hall)
83512 Wasserburg

Fon: +49 8071 105-22