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Städtisches Museum Wasserburg - Wasserburg town museum

The Stätisches Museum of  Wasserburg contains one of the richest collections of historical culture between Munich and Salzburg. Arranged according to themes, the exhibits portray town and family life, handicrafts, trades and the rural life style. The visitor is presented with an almost complete impression of the history and culture of the Wasserburg area, from the stone age up to the 20 th century.

Open Tuesdays to Sundays from 13.00 to 17.00 in summer, until 16.00 in winter. Closed in January.

Price: Adults € 2.50, Children up to 16 € 1 Price reduction for groups from 11 persons.

Museum Wasserburg
Herrengasse 15
83512 Wasserburg am Inn
Tel. +49 8071 925290
Fax +49 8071 922254

Wegmacher Museum - Road builders museum

The “Wegmacher” or roadbuilders up to the middle of the 20 th century had the job of the upkeep of the roads. Numerous exhibits and documents describe the development of the the road maintenance service and give an insight into the history of road, street and bridge building in Bavaria with documented records of its almost 200 year development.

Wegmachermuseum Wasserburg
Herderstraße 1
83512 Wasserburg am Inn
Tel.: +49 8092 8273-0

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Marienplatz 2 (Town hall)
83512 Wasserburg

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